Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Summer Travels

Well, I'm a little cheesed since the pictures I wanted to post on here from my travels this summer won't cooperate. I've tried several times but they just won't load. Some were from the island of Mandø, off the west coast of Jutland. It's an interesting little place with about 54 permanent residents. (Or was that 53? One died this summer.) If you don't have your own boat there are two ways of getting out there: the first is to take "the bus" which is like a big wagon that gets pulled through the shallow water by a giant tractor and the second is to wait for low tide when the water goes down far enough to reveal a road. We took option number two and drove for six kilometers on soggy gravel, trying to avoid potholes filled with salty sea water.

The other pictures were from other places in Jutland but mostly around the city of Vejle. I spent about tree weeks of July in different places around Denmark including Baha'i summer school up in the north and a performance with the dance group at Kronborg castle where Shakespeare set Hamlet. That was an experience I never thought I'd have!

For now I'm back home in Lyngby (north of Copenhagen) but trying to make plans to get around some more over the next few months. Besides Denmark I would like to get over to Sweden at some point and I am very determind to make it down to Germany. Ireland is also a must!

Stay tuned.