Monday, October 30, 2006

Larissa's European Adventures

Since I've been away for 4 weeks out of the past 5 a breif review is probably in order.

Last Two Weeks of September
  • Went to Northern Ireland via Dublin. The round trip flight plus a train ticket to Belfast cost me about 200 Canadian dollars.
  • Sights seen included Giant's Causeway, Ards Peninsula, Anitrim Coast and Mourne Mountains.
  • Spent time getting to know many relatives, many of whom I'd never met before.
  • Saw the old family home.
  • Learned a lot about Irish culture. They are very lively and outgoing over there and that was a bit of a shock after being in reserved Denmark for so long. It also turns out that they are very romantic people who like to flirt.
  • The flight back was full of football fans flying over for the big match metween Ulster and Copenhagen. The city was taken over by drunken Irish men for the following few days. It was a nice change from the usual drunken Danes and I felt like my holiday was extended a few days.

One Week Back

After Ireland I was back in Copenhagen for one week during which time I had a three day workshop to attend as well as my usual study groups, meetings and social activities.

Junior Youth Training

The next week I was away in a town called Vinkel outside of Viborg. We had a guest trainer coming from Austria to teach us about a new program for starting junior youth groups. The whole thing was amazing and I can't wait to actually get a group going.


  • Last week I was in Italy with my roommate.
  • Sights seen included the Vatican, Colesseum, Pompei and the island of Ischia.
  • Got lost as soon as I got there, bank cards didn't work and trains were never on time.
  • Never go to that country if you're on a gluten-free diet.
  • I prefer the Irish men.