Monday, September 18, 2006

Off to Ireland

It's amazing how much you notice the difference in sunlight here as the seasons change. I was getting used to still having light at 10pm but now the days are several hours shorter and it gets dark before 9. In a couple of months I might start to have regrets about deciding to stay here till January but hey, that's life. At least we are having fairly good luck with the weather and not getting too much rain.

Ireland, on the other hand, has been having some nasty weather lately and it has me a little bit worried because I'm supposed to go there in a few days. At least my main reason for going is to visit family not sight-see but a little sun would be nice.

I should be there for the rest of the month. Thought I'd give myself a break from these crazy Danish people who, by the way, are trying to talk me into living here permanently. I've tried to tell them that my visa expires at the end of January and that staying longer would be less than legal but the line I keep getting is, "Well, if that wasn't an issue, what would it take to make you stay?"

I'm think that I should make a list of demands and hold myself hostage. What all could I possibly want? A nice house. A car. A good job and/or money. Maybe a nice young man. Since this is Denmark I should probably ask for a good bicycle and a lifetime suply of Lego.

Now, of course, anyone who is thinking straight would take a look at that list, say "I thought you came here for religious reasons" and send me home in January but you never know.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Blessed Is The Spot In Danish

Velsignet er den plet, og det hus,
or det sted, og den by,
og det hjerte, og det bjerg, og det ly,
og den hule, og den dal, og det land,
og det hav, og den ø, og den eng,
hvor Guds navn bliver nævnt
of Hans pris sunget.