This blog was started in 2006 as a way to share my Baha'i year of service with friends and family back home. It sat quiet for a while in the few years that followed but was later revived. My year of service had a tremendous impact on my faith and my identity and as time went by it became clear that returning to my home country of Canada was not the end of that experience. This site is where I reflect on life as a Baha'i.

The name of the site was originally "Goddag" which means "good-day" in Danish. It was one of only a handful of words I managed to learn before setting out for Denmark to serve there. The current title, This Stranger Hastening, was chosen with a little more thought and was taken from a passage in the Long Obligatory Prayer.
"Thou seest, O my Lord, this stranger hastening to his most exalted home beneath the canopy of Thy majesty and within the precincts of Thy mercy..."
 What you find written here are the thoughts and experiences of one individual. I do not represent any Baha'i institutions nor am I an authority on Baha'i laws and practices. For official information on the Baha'i Faith visit www.bahai.org.

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Lucki said...

Would you be willing to share your e-address with me, at Lucki1844(AT)gmail.com? I'd like to include you in the upcoming detailed announcement email for the new blog that the Baha'i Blogging Challenge inspired me to start. Thanx.