Monday, January 23, 2006

A few interesting things about Spain

1. The area around Barcelona is called Catalonia and is a distinct society with its own language and culture, much like Quebec.

2. You can get a bottle of wine here for 1 euro. Too bad I don't drink.

3. The Christmas nativity scenes here include a figure of a little boy with his pants down going poop. For some reason this is a symbol of prosperity.

4. Meal times are later here. Lunch does not start till around 2pm when most businesses close down for several hours while people go to eat. They will open again around 5 for several more hours before dinner.

5. If you eat out at an off time the locals might make rude comments about tourists.

6. The temperature at this time of year is about 11 - 15 C in the day and 4 - 6 C at night.

7. People seem to think this is cold and walk around with fur coats on at noon.

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