Saturday, March 18, 2006

Still alive

Well, I finally have a bit of time with a computer to send some news home. I don't think this will be very long since I'm stuck with library computers these days but I'd like to make sure my friends know I'm still alive.

Denmark has been slightly harder to get used to than I first though although I am starting to find my way around. Things like the confusing public transit, strange money and the total non-existence of household recycling keep catching me off guard. They also insist that everyone have a personal registration number and that half the things you do be registered with the "kommune" (local government). For exapmple I am waiting for "permission from the kommune" to take Danish lessons. I have decided it would be best not to risk making any jokes about Big Brother.

The good news is I have started working with the dancers and also had the chance to spend a week working with some students at a private school. They were having a singing contest and I was asked to teach them some dance to go with it. It was very interesting to try communicating since they were at all different levels and some spoke English and others didn't. With older teenagers and adults this has not been a problem since English is taught to everyone from around the age of 8 or 9 on.

Time's almost up. Gotta go.

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