Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Learning About Courtship

Last night I had the pleasure of hosting a deepening on the topic of Baha'i courtship. It was something that evolved out of a couple of conversations I had with friends who are getting into romantic relationships. They are finding the same thing I found when I was single, which is that the Baha'i community in general doesn't spend enough time having meaningful discussions about finding a mate. We have abundant guidance marriage but talking about finding someone to marry? Not so much.

We desperately need to change that. We're at a point where the way that the rest of society goes about these things is so at odds with the Teachings and so disfunctional that we can't afford to just let single Baha'is flounder on their own without support or education. People want it and they want to do things right. When the subject comes up people look desperate to talk about it. Given how much importantance marriage and family are given in the Faith it boggles my mind that more attention isn't given to the subject.

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