Monday, November 13, 2017

Current Assortment of Books

I looked around tonight and realized I have Baha'i books scattered throughout the house. Aside from the obvious need to tidy my house, it got me thinking about what they all indicate about my life right now. Here is a list and a few notes on why they're laying around.

  1. Days of Remembrance - This is a compilation of Writings for holy days that was released last year. It had been my job to select the readings for the Birth of the Bab celebration last month and this was a handy book to turn to. It just hasn't made it back to the bookshelf yet.
  2. God Loves Laughter - This memoir by William Sears is possibly my favorite book of all time. It's incredibly funny, so when I felt like my husband and I were under too much stress a few months ago I suggested we read it out loud together. We were several chapters in when it got set aside on the coffee table and we never got back to it. It's going to stay there because I'm still convinced we should keep reading it together.
  3. The Kitab-I-Iqan and Spiritual Strength for Men - These are sitting on the table beside God Loves Laughter. I wasn't reading them so I'm pretty sure my husband left them there.
  4. Messages to Canada, Century of Light and One Common Faith - Until a few days ago they were sitting on my beside table. Then I realized the pile of books I had there was getting to be more than I could realistically handle and brought them downstairs. They made it as far as the chair beside the bookshelf but not actually onto the book shelf. That will change on what ever day I start prioritizing housework over writing blog posts.
  5. The Kitab-i-Aqdas - This is sitting beside my bed. It's another one my husband and I were reading together, except it was for the purpose of study and reflection rather than entertainment. Recently we haven't been going to bed at the same time so our study of the Writings has been separate and this got buried under some other books.
  6. The Promulgation of Universal Peace - Also on my bedside table. This belonged to my dad and I was given his copy after he died. I'm not really reading it but don't have the heart to put it away.
  7. The Advent of Divine Justice - On my beside table and I am reading it. A while back I decided I wanted to read more of Shoghi Effendi's work. It's been kind of slow going but I'm getting there.
  8. The Revelation of Baha'u'llah Vol. 3 - Also by my bed. I read the first two volumes but have been dragging my feet with reading the third. I normally really enjoy reading history but reading about the Holy Family's early days in Akka has seemed so depressing that I can only read one page at a time. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant. I'll blame hormones or something.
  9. Selections From the Writings of the Bab - Most days I've been getting my daily readings from a phone app but I keep this book handy for when I want a longer selection.

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