Saturday, October 09, 2010

Oktoberfest Begins

When I left my house this morning I found the city getting warmed up for Oktoberfest. There have been signs of it for a few days - tents being set up, streets being blocked off - but today things really get started. I live right downtown so the festivities start only a block away.

As a child I watched the Oktoberfest parade on TV for Thanksgiving and up till now that's about all I've known of the festival. Now that I'm here in person though I'm discovering there's much more to it. Beer and sausage are reported to be major components. A good chunk of King St. downtown has been closed off and a midway is being set up. Another chunk of King St. is closed further up the road in Waterloo as well. When I went to the market this morning I noticed signs for various activities being held today including a kiddie keg tap. I guess the get 'em started young here.

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